Visite D'un château du xviii° siècle
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a battered history of wind


Pierre Jallot de Beaumont, Musketeer of the King and son of a corsair inherits his uncle in 1722 in an estate in Valognes. He then decided to make from that place a magnificent winter quarter as to deserve his fortune and rank. At this time Valognes was quite a center and fashionable one for hight society. At the first colds of winter, n aristocracyeft their residences in the coast to gather in this small town for enjoying a bright social lifewith balls and other events.

With a view to achieve his project, Pierre de Beaumont called Raphael de Lozon, an architect having already proved his talents with the Pont Rilly Castle. Pierre de Beaumo was finally in no way disapointed Lozon modifies the building and concieve an audacious Central pavilion to make up the grounds different levels. Works started in 1767 and were complited in 1771. We note that Lozon died in the place on June 22 1771.


During the French Revolution, Marie Bonaventure de Beaumont, son of Pierre de Beaumont, fled from France with his brother, Jacques du Mesnildot and when he returned, he then settled in Lorraine, leaving Beaumont Mansion to its fate. After being ransaked, the place was turned into a prison and later occupied by Prussian armies in 1818.

By the end of 19th Century, Sophie du Mesnildot, great grand niece of Marie Bonaventure de Beaumont sells thesion to M. Devains and the Mansion is soon sold ag to the Count de Froidefond de Florian, a diplomat originate from the country. Helene's room is there so-called in memory of his wife, Hélène du Pouget de Nadaillac who did not have childrens. A nephew of the Count de Florian, Xavier de Florian inherited the Mansion.

During the Second World War, the Wermacht medical officers occupied the Mansion rooms while the other parts of the premises turned to the officers mess. In an occasion Marshall Rommel was there invited for an official event. In June 1944, the Mansion was severely damaged by Allied bombing. With Liberation, it was finally occupied by American Forces.


Xavier de Florian leaves the Mansion in a disastrous state to his niece Countess Charles des Courtils. She is assisted by her eldest son Henry des Courtils whose wife, Claire du Pouget de Nadaillac is indeed the great grand niece of countess Helene de Florian in considerable achievements restoration.Time is now to overcome painful recollections of the past to make revive all the former enchantments of the Beaumont glorious age.